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  • Kahuna Bay Tan- Sunless Tanning Over-spray Filtration Booth
  • Sunless Tanning Over-spray Filtration Booth / Extraction Fan
  • With optional Light Kit
  • High styled diamond fan chamber for washable filters.
  • Easy to assemble in just 10 Minutes.
  • Halogen lighting with on/off switch.
  • Durable lightweight top and bottom with handles.

Kahuna Bay Tan- Sunless Tanning Over-spray Filtration Booth

SKU: 10000
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$229.00 (Fixed shipping cost)
    Portable Spray Tanning 4-Fan Over-spray Reduction Unit / Extraction Booth
    *This Over-spray Extraction Booth extracts over-spray from air during sunless airbrush tanning application.
    DIMENSIONS: 75" High x  55"Wide  x 32" Deep
    (Washable Filters and Comfort Mat Included).


    • 4 - Powerful Water Resistant Fans.
    • 2 - Overhead lights to reduce shadows during application. (Optional Cost)
    • 4 - 9x9 Washable / reusable high quality Filters
    • Professional Appearance your logo can be added. (Optional cost)
    • Standard Over-spray Booth features black panels with many upgrades.
    • 4 - Piece extraction booth is delivered by FedEx or UPS (3 boxes).
    • ABS plastic welded technology Very strong & Lightweight
    • Separate on/off switch for fans & lights
    • 4 - Roller casters for easy moving
    • Over spray guards on bottom of wings to capture spray
    • 3 Prong plug with ground
    • 8 - Fan guards for safety
    • Positive airflow technology
    • High air volume with proper CFM for tanning
    • Provides clean air & comfortable environment
    • Professional Sunless Tanning image
    • Quieter than comparable units
    • 4x4 Rubber floor mat
    • Sets up in less than 5 minutes!
    • 1 Year Warranty
    • Made in U.S.A
    Kahuna Bay Tan is constantly searching for ways to improve spray tanning equipment.
    The perfect lightweight easy to set up booth for shows, competitions, ECT. Booth will fit in most small vehicles for easy transportation!
    Kahuna Bay clean air filtering system is quiet and minimizes spray tan solution over spray while creating the perfect environment for your customers and technicians.

    Kahuna Bay Tan spray tanning over spray booth is a must for all professional spray tanning salons, day spas or mobile sprayers spraying for pageants or competitions. Our sunless over spray system features an optional light kit on / off switches for light and fans easy foot operation with stylish side panels and non-slip rubber floor.

    Our lightweight stack-able, modular construction makes it a breeze to set up and very easy to move. The stack-able cabinets are securely held in place by the side wings.


    * Delivery of your new over spray booth is made by FedEx or UPS to your door!

    You just have to open box and assemble the booth it sets up in less than 5 minutes! Super easy Set up and easy handling too!


    When used with spray tanning machines, our Sunless Over-spray Reduction Extraction Booth adds a professional, clean and pleasurable sunless tanning experience to your clients & spray tanning technicians.
    Our Sunless Tanning Over-spray Reduction Extraction Booth incorporates an over spray mist removal system, with 4 professional high-capacity extractor fans. The extractor fans are balanced and pull excess solution mist away from your client and into the Sunless Tanning Over-spray Reduction Extraction Booth filtration system.
    Perfectly placed studio lighting, along with the addition to our top quality panels illuminate your clients skin, allowing the spray technician total control and clarity during the entire application process and results in a flawless application.
    The Sunless Tanning Over-spray Reduction Extraction Booth by Kahuna Bay Tan is constructed of the best quality materials and workmanship. Our Sunless Over-spray Reduction Extraction Booth's are proud to be Hand Built in the U.S.A.

    Compared to similar priced units......

     Items  Kahuna Bay Booth $1499
     Comparably Priced Booth
    $1499 to $1749 
     4 Water Resistant Fans
     Yes  4 fans
     No  3 fans
     4 Washable/Reusable Filters 
     Yes  No must disassemble unit to replace filters
     Easy Access to filters
     Yes  No - Modules need to be disassembled
     Average cost per year for filters
    Washable Filters
     On the low side $615.72 Year / High side $2668.12 Year
    (3) filters @ 100 Sprays a month = $51.31 monthly with shipping times 12 months.
     On/Off Switch
     Yes (2) Light and Fans
     No- Foot pedal for fan only.
     Light Kit
     Yes  No light
     Easy Set up
     Yes  No
     Roller Wheels
     Yes  No
     Rubber Floor
     Yes 5/8"
     Yes 1/8"
     Made in U.S.A
     Yes - Ohio
     No- China
     Ship UPS or FEDEX
     Yes  No - Common Carrier to the outside of your building and does not include inside delivery or set up.
     Wide wings to top wings on top
    Yes  No
         *Filters need to be changed after 100 spray applications
         *2 x Filters per pack unit uses 3 @ $28.00 per pack plus shipping.
    *Information was gathered from internet.

    *1 Year Manufacture Warranty

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