About Us

Sunless Solutions Inc, dba Artesian Tan was founded as a safe way to get a tan that looks natural, is healthy and does not carry the risk of being exposed to direct UV rays that contribute to premature against, as well as, various types of skin cancer.

One in 58 men and women will be diagnosed with Melanoma, the most aggressive, and often deadly, form of skin cancer, during their lifetime, according to the American Melanoma Foundation. While such a dismaying statistic is a blindsiding truth to many, Artesian Tan knows about the dangers of Melanoma all too well. 


Sunless tanning is the only way to retain that deep, gorgeous glow without putting your health at risk; it also provides anti-aging benefits as the sun depletes our skin of nutrients and causes wrinkles. There's never been an adverse reaction to the millions of spray tans that have been performed.

Artesian Tan has taken a proactive stance to promote tanning alternatives to sun-seekers worldwide. With more than one million cases of skin cancer diagnosed in the United States every year, they established an online platform to distribute a variety of sunless tanning options. Their product line includes tanning products produced by some of the leading manufacturers as well as a handful of original Kahuna Bay Tan spray-tanning solutions. With a leading client base of salon owners, spray tan companies, resorts, professional models, dancers, actors/actresses, and all customers are always welcome!

"Cancer of the skin is the most common of cancers, probably accounting for at least half of all cancers. Melanoma accounts for less than 5% of skin cancer cases but causes a large majority of skin cancer deaths. The American Cancer Society estimates that about 62,480 new melanomas will be diagnosed in the United States during 2008," (American Cancer Society). 

Artesian Tan Mission Statement - 

Our goal at Artesian Tan is to provide a safe way for people to have the tan that they desire on their time and at their preferred location. Sunless spray tanning is by far the safest way to achieve the natural, youthful and healthful look were all going for; and our mission at Artesian Tan, is to offer a true affordable product and business opportunity to those who want to spread the word about safe tanning.


Please browse our amazing products and feel free to contact us at Support@KahunaBayTan.com with any questions.

Please browse our amazing products and feel free to contact us at (419) 386-2387 with any questions...