Australian Gold Hemp Nation Sugar Plum Cookie Body Lotion, 18 oz

Height 4.00
Width 7.00
Depth 4.00

Moisturizing Tan Extender with Hemp Seed Oil Blended with Sugarcane, Plum & Vanilla Extracts

Treat your skin and senses to the guiltfree and decadent Hemp Nation® Sugar Plum Cookie. A scrumptious blend of Sugarcane, Plum and Vanilla work together to deliver flawless, smooth skin and a glowing complexion. Luxurious Hydration Complex replenishes dry skin, while advanced Age Defying Blend works to guard against the signs of aging and provides a natural radiance. Use daily to secure your passport to the world of Hemp Nation!

Sugar Plum Cookie Mixture: Sugarcane, Plum and Vanilla combine to rejuvenate for a smooth, supple and glowing complexion. Hydrating Complex: Blend of Pure Hemp Seed Oil and other skin moisturizing ingredients that absorb quickly to hydrate and leave skin soft to the touch.

Age Defying Blend: A super charged fusion of Vitamins and Soft Focus Microspheres offer natural protection against the signs of aging, while helping diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

THCDrug Free and No Added Parabens

Warm up with this Sugar Plum Cookie Fragrance