7 Benefits of Indoor Tanning

Having a perfect, bronze tan all year long is something most women (and some men) dream about. Thanks to modern sunless tanning technologies, this dream can easily come true for all you bronze-hue craving people who feel comfortable showing some skin.

According to many beauty experts, sunless tanning looks much better and is actually much healthier for your skin than being exposed to the sun for long periods of time.

With that in mind, we at Artesian Tan are happy to provide you with our hefty list of 7 major benefits of indoor tanning that will make you love this niche even more.

1. It Reduces the Risk of Skin Cancer

Although it might sound a bit odd, sunless tanning does reduce the risk of cancer development. Yes, UV rays are notorious for having a plethora of harmful effects on the human body – they promote abnormal cell growth and are known to kill the cells in our organism. However, since one of the major benefits of indoor tanning is also the boost of vitamin D (more on this below), sunless tanning can actually reduce the risk of the following cancers:

  • Skin
  • Kidney
  • Ovarian
  • Breast cancer

But how exactly does indoor tanning reduce the risk of skin cancer?

It all comes down to the amount of time spent exposed to UV rays. Compared to outdoor tanning, indoor tanning techniques are much faster and require less time for your body to be exposed to UV rays. Plus, with regular sun tanning, there’s always the possibility to spend hours and hours in the sun, without even being aware of the repercussions. Whether you fall asleep on the beach, or you lose track of time playing sports, your skin gets much more sun exposure than it is recommended.

This doesn’t happen in tanning beds or in spray on tanning booths, so the risk of burning your skin is much lower, but you DO get all the benefits of regular tanning.


Always make sure you follow whatever guidelines you get from sunless tanning technicians, regardless of whether you are opting for spray-on tans or tanning beds. The majority of salons and companies have policies and a set of rules that you need to follow. Some of them include:

  • Use tanning beds only once per day
  • Don’t use tanning beds more than twice a week
  • If you are a first-timer, your first tanning session shouldn’t last more than seven minutes
  • Use goggles
  • Avoid tyrosine-based tanning accelerators
  • Avoid tanning enhancers/tingles or pills
  • Do not exfoliate your skin just before your spray-on tanning session…

These rules and regulations are there for a reason, and the reason is your health. Customers’ safety is always priority number one, so make sure you always listen to what your technician has to say and pay close attention to all the guidelines they provide you with in order to help you enjoy all the benefits of indoor tanning, but without the health risks.

2. Indoor Tanning Makes Your Body Produce Vitamin D

One of the vital reasons why people need a certain amount of sun exposure is, of course – vitamin D. It was proven that you can get your recommended daily amount of this crucial vitamin simply by being exposed to the sun for only 15 minutes (without any sunscreen, that is).

However, not all people have this privilege.

Some people live in such locations that they don’t have the opportunity to get sun exposure most of the year. This is why they need to resort to alternative ways to get their daily dose of vitamin D. Some governments have recently made it a requirement to add vitamin D to certain dairy products, which is pretty useful, but not all people consume dairy products on a daily basis, if ever.

This is where sunless tanning steps in to kill two birds with one stone and save the day.

Not only does sunless tanning help you achieve the bronze hue you always wanted for your skin, it can also trigger your body to produce more vitamin and thus provide you with a recommended vitamin D intake. So, you can say goodbye expensive and unnatural supplements!

But why our body needs vitamin D?

Most of you have probably already heard that vitamin D helps our body to absorb optimal levels of calcium, thus making sure our bones and teeth are healthy and strong. However, there’s another huge benefit that this vitamin provides – Vitamin D has been proven to help people ward off following diseases as well:

  • high blood pressure
  • cancer
  • seasonal affective disorder (SAD)
  • even depression and anxiety

So, if you feel like you haven’t been getting enough sun exposure lately, or you live in areas where you can’t do that due to climate and poor weather conditions, or you simply don’t want to expose your skin to too much sun – then sunless tanning should be your logical alternative.

3. Hormonal Balance and Oil Production

Another two extremely useful benefits of indoor tanning include:

  • balance to the hormones
  • production of healthy oils

Of course, these benefits come from regular, outdoor tanning as well, but with sunless tanning you get to measure the doses, which means you won’t be exposed to UV rays too much (if you’re careful) and your skin won’t experience unnecessary damage.

Oil Production

Although our body has the ability to produce serums that keep our skin soft and moisturized naturally, certain people have dry skin by the default, while others experience the disbalance in the skin oils levels, especially during the winter season when our skin gets even more dry and rough. This is where UV rays come into play.

Sun exposure or indoor tanning can bring balance to the natural oils in our body, thus keeping our skin:

  • Healthy
  • Moisturized
  • Soft
  • More attractive

Balance of the Hormones

On the other hand, certain people have the opposite problem – their skin produces too much oil, which can lead to blocked pores. This is why hormonal balance is crucial as it brings oil production to optimal levels in your body so excess oils and blocked pores will become a thing of the past.

Bonus Benefit!

All this brings us to the fact that UV rays also help your skin ward off skin anomalies, like:

  • annoying acne
  • eczema
  • psoriasis

Pretty cool.

4. Reduces Scar/Stretch Marks Visibility

What you’ve probably heard before (or experienced on your own skin) is that getting a nice tan can actually make the scars more conspicuous. But we are here to help you find out how and why indoor tanning can help reduce the visibility of your scars.

What happens is actually some sort of an optical illusion, rather than the process of actually reducing the visibility of the scars.

Namely, it’s all about the difference in color. When you get a tan, scars tend to be darker than the rest of your body, making them appear more conspicuous and more prominent. However, with indoor tanning, this difference in skin color can be controlled.

How To Do It

In order to make your scars “blend in,” you need to put on some protective sunscreen on them, while tanning the rest of your skin. This way the scar’s hue will be closer to the color of your body. If, however, you want to lighten the already darker scars, you can use lemon juice. Simply rub some lemon juice on the parts of your skin that you want to lighten, and the UV rays will do the rest for you.

This method can also be performed for stretch marks.

5. Reduces the Visibility of Jaundice Skin

Another excellent benefit is the ability to hide those annoying a yellowy tinge some people have on their skin called jaundice skin. These yellowy marks are usually a sign that you have more serious health problems, predominantly problems with your liver, or it can be a side effect of some medication you’re taking. 

This means that getting rid of jaundice skin can indeed be a long-term process and is never a walk in the park.

NOTE: if you notice these marks on your skin, and you don’t use any medication, please consult your doctor.

On a less serious note, putting up with jaundice skin from the cosmetic point of view can be an easy task. Indoor tanning can help you reduce the visibility of the yellow marks in no time. With the help of UV rays, the notorious yellow tone will start to darken the more sessions you have. Of course, this won’t cure your skin condition, but it WILL make it less visible.

6. Helps You Lose Weight

Although it may sound a bit far-fetched, one of the crazy benefits of indoor tanning is that it can actually help you with your weight loss efforts. What happens is that the UV rays have the ability to boost your metabolism by triggering your thyroid gland to go into an overdrive mode. And of course, we all know that our body burns more calories when our metabolism shifts up a gear, which creates a calorie deficit in our organism.

This is why people who spend more time in the sun tend to be in better shape than us couch potatoes (among other things, naturally).

But unlike regular sunbathing, using indoor tanning beds can help you maintain your perfect weight, lose unwanted fat, or stick to your healthy eating habits, during the winter as well. The trick is that, during gloomy winter weather, our metabolism tends to slow down and our mood kind of decreases. This is when we become more susceptible to mood swings and often resort to comfort foods.

However, the boost in vitamin D can help you with this.

Winter depression and mood dives are less common in people who spend more time absorbing UV rays, and they rarely reach for high-calorie comfort foods, like:

  • starchy carbs
  • chocolate
  • fast food
  • alcohol

So, not only does indoor/outdoor tanning boost your metabolism, it also affects the action of your thyroid gland. This will help you feel more exuberant and will keep the feeling of fatigue and depression at bay.

Going with indoor tanning is a surefire way to make sure you don’t gain those annoying love-handles, especially during the winter season. You will be slim, happy, and – as the icing on the cake – tanned. Truly a win-win-win scenario!

It’s Much Cheaper Than Regular Tanning

Finally, let’s state some obvious facts…

We all agree that there’s nothing better than packing your bags and heading to some dreamy, tropical destination where one of the neat side-effects is, in fact, getting a nice tan. But not everyone can afford to travel to these magical beaches to sunbathe like a god. The lack of money and busy modern lifestyle often get in the way, which is why the great majority of us have to go with the second best option.

Indoor tanning, whether it is sprayed on tanning sessions or tanning beds, is available all year round, and is not nearly as pricey as jetting off to, let’s say, Hawaii. It’s basically hundreds vs. thousands of dollars. Of course, minus the experience.

Certain tanning salons or mobile spray tanning companies also offer neat discounts and giveaways, so if you are a regular customer, and/or you are an active member of their Facebook community, for example, you are likely to win some free sessions and goodies.

7. Indoor Tanning Bonus Tips

As a finale, we would like to reward you with some handy indoor tanning tips for being such a good sport and having read this article all the way through:

  • Indoor tanning is all about moderation. 2 to 3 sessions a week in a tanning bed should be your limit.
  • Use a tan extender after an indoor tanning session.
  • Use abrasive soap to shower and exfoliate.
  • If you feel the burn, consult your technician.
  • Always opt for quality products and salons that have high reputation. Your skin is on the line, and safety should always come first.

For more useful articles like this one, and good deals on professional sunless tanning equipment and lotions, visit Artesian Tan!