Kim Admits to Tanning Her Scalp - Should You Be Offering the Same to Your Tanning Clients?

If you keep up with the news in the tanning industry you already know this month’s big story; Kim Kardashian’s contour spray tan extends over her scalp! Or at least the area of her scalp that is revealed by her parting.

This probably doesn’t come as any big surprise to you, as a spray tan professional you must have recognized that the perfect brown of the parting isn't the result of natural pigmentation. All the same, it's good news for salon and mobile tanners everywhere because once a beauty professional (and professional beauty) like Kim gives something the OK, everyone wants it done!

So is it a service you should offer your clients? That is a definite yes, provided of course their hairstyle warrants it. If left untouched, a thick central part will always look pale in comparison with the rest of a freshly spray tanned body. This can spoil the overall effect of the tan so it makes perfect sense to offer to tan it.

It will take some time to prepare the area to avoid staining the hair. For darker hair, it will be enough to make sure the hair is well-covered on each side of the part before applying the tan with your tanning gun set to a low-pressure stream. If your client has light colored hair, it would be a good idea to apply some hairspray, which can be rinsed of later, as added protection.

Between spray tans, you can recommend that your client touches-up the parting with bronze eyeshadow or a bronzer.

And finally, thank you, Kim, for providing us with a new service to offer to all those who want to keep up with the Kardashians!