California Tan Color Perfecting Complex Instant Sunless Spray, 6 oz

California Tan
SKU 9619
Height 8.00
Width 3.00
Depth 3.00

Experience The Sexy Side of Sunless® with Color Perfecting Complex™. This scientifically
formulated collection develops color like never before by flawlessly matching every skin tone.

  •  Natural Colorant Blend enhances skin’s organic color and conceals imperfections
  •  Instant Bronzers unleash a gorgeous, immediate glow
  •  Caffeine gives skin a sexy, toned appearance
  •  Patent-Pending revolutionary formula
  •  Eliminate unpleasant odors with Crisp Pear Fragrance


  •  Utilizes the patent-pending Color Perfecting Complex blend in a retail product
  •  Provides customers with a at home sunless spray that matches all skin tones
  •  Larger can size for a more eye catching shelf presence
  • 6oz Can

Natural Colorant Blend - A patent-pending, anti-oxidant rich blend of seven natural colorants that enhance and darken skin’s organic color and conceal imperfections
Skin Tonic Technology - Helps block fat storage, giving a more slimmed appearance
Caffeine - Provides skin with a toned and tightened appearance
Bronzextend® Blend - DHA and Erythrulose provides skin with a gorgeous, bronze hue
Triple Moisture Sensation - Blend of ingredients that lock in moisture triggering a hydration that reaches deep into skin
Breakthrough Fragrance Technology - Eliminates odors at the source, replacing them with the Crisp Pear Fragrance