Fuji Spray HVLP Machines

Fuji Spray is one of the original makers having started manufacturing HVLP turbine systems back in 1986.

Cool Fact:

50 years ago, households that bought a vacuum cleaner (for example Kirby), also received a small plastic spray gun with an attached paint jar. The spray gun was connected to the hose on one end and to the blower on the other. This was the birth of an HVLP gun. It didn't use high pressure, so it was assumed that it couldn't spray good enough. However, the biggest advantage of low pressure system was that it wasted less paint. The system that was thought to lack sophistication became one of the main equipment pieces used in spray tanning today.

FujiSpray Sunless soloTAN with T-Pro Applicator

Get ready to be obsessed. Introducing the next generation of our sunless systems: the new soloTAN™ combines modern technology and sophisticated design to bring your clients the perfect tanning experience. Meet the new standard for...
Fuji Spray Sunless studioTAN 2100 – TAN7350

Fuji Spray Sunless studioTAN 2100 – TAN7350

Fuji Spray Sunless studioTAN – TAN7350   Features Fuji studioTan Turbine Technology. Noise Reduction Covers for filters. Air is drawn through rear slots preventing direct sound paths. Heat Dissipation Box for cooler running, longer...
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