Fuji Spray Sunless 2100 miniTAN PLATINUM™ M-Model Start-Up Package

Kahuna Bay Tan
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Fuji Spray Tanning Start up Package


  1. Professional Tanning Sprayer - Fuji Spray Tanning System

    2100 miniTAN PLATINUM™ M-Model with Professional Gun

  2. 1 Liters (34oz bottle) of Sunless Tanning Solution
  3. 34 oz Sunless Tanning Training Solution
  4. 8 oz Kahuna Bay pH Balance Spray
  5. 100 tanning hairnets/caps
  6. 100 Pink Gloves
  7. 25 Pairs Sticky Feet
(2 oz Sunless Tanning Solution per person at $45.00 each = ($675.00 Profit)

The Fuji Spray Tanning HVLP Machine is one of the leading spray tan machines on the the market. Its state of the art spray tan system makes it one of the most dependable spray tan machines available. This kit is perfect for mobile technicians or salon owners looking for a cost effective introduction into spray tanning. Become one of the many beauticians who have discovered how profitable the spray tan market is. With Kahuna Bay products you can be confident that you will receive the very best quality at the most competitive price. Don't forget our award winning service!
*2 Year Manufacture Warranty on Fuji Spray Machine