Kahuna Bay Tan DHA Booster Drops CLEAR 1oz

Kahuna Bay Tan
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SKU 1020-1C
Height 2.00 (in)
Width 1.00 (in)
Depth 1.00 (in)
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Would you like to "Super Charge" the color guide for an extra dark Spray on Tan? Just add an increase to your DHA percentage with our Booster Drops!
Containing the highest level of DHA (50%) of any other DHA booster drop on the market, you only need 5 drops per 2 ounce of solution to increase your DHA percentage by 1%. Our booster drops do not only give you a noticeably richer tan though, they are also rich with moisturizers and firming agents to improve the health of your skin. Compatible with every spray tanning solution, our Booster Drops are highly flexibly to make your spray tanning experience care free.