Kahuna Melange - Airbrush/Spray Tanning Solutions

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If you have clients that do not like the feel of a standard cold blend spray tan solution, they will LOVE our Kahuna Mélange. Made with the best exotic natural and organic ingredients with a light citrus fragrance, Kahuna Mélange spray tanning solutions give you the rich dark bronze tan that will make everyone envious of your bronze color, and keep your clients screaming for more! Its anti-aging properties give you the moisture that you need while firming the skin at the same time. Kahuna Mélange spray tan solution is much thicker than a blended solution, but still goes on feeling dryer and silky smooth. 

Product of Choice for the Mrs & Mrs America Pageant! “

Kahuna Mélange Handheld Sunless Solution is one of the few products on the market that feels like silk going onto the skin, giving the solution a warmer sensation being applied than a blended solution!”

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Dark Bronzing Drops, 1 oz

Dark Bronzing Drops for Sunless Tanning Solution   Customize each of your clients visits by allowing them to choose to have a more cosmetic bronzer for each sunless tanning session!!   This product is designed to...
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