Kahuna Melange Original by Kahuna Bay Tan Spray Tan Solution, 8 oz

Kahuna Bay Tan
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Height 3.00
Width 5.00
Depth 3.00
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Three Shades of Bronze: Original 8.5%, Dark 10.5%, and Extra Dark 12.5%

Available in: Gallon/128 oz., Liter/32oz. 8oz bottles.




Product of Choice for the Mrs. America Pageant!


  • Feels like silk and it's warm going on the skin.
  • Looks great on light to medium skin tones!
  • Natural Ingredients

 If you have clients that do not like the feel of a standard cold blend spray tan solution, they will LOVE our Kahuna Mélange. Made with natural ingredients with a light citrus fragrance, Kahuna Mélange spray tanning solutions deliver you a rich dark bronze tan. Its anti-aging properties moisturize, while firming the skin at the same time. Kahuna Mélange spray tan solution is much thicker than a blended solution, but still goes on feeling dryer and silky smooth. Within hours the rich instant dark bronzer will develop into a long lasting rich bronze tan.

 Made in the USA | Not Tested on Animals | Paraben Free