Mine Tan Professional

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Mine Tan is a sunless tanning brand that comes from Australia. They are all about the user. You're in luck because Mine Tan USA is available at Artesian Tan online shop. It's the perfect sunless tanning brand for you or for your salon. Mine Tan professional products are a couple of clicks away! Mine Tan professional products are perfect for customers that need a quick tan. Especially if you have customers who are in a hurry and can't wait for an appointment to get their sunless tan. The express tan they will get is just picture perfect.

Mine Tan Retail

Mine Tan Professional gives your customers the option to choose how dark they want to be with a very simple application rule. For a more natural tan, advise showering after 1 hour. Leave it on them for 2 hours to go darker. For an even darker color, leave it on for longer! And so on! Give your customers the amazing opportunity to experience Mine Tan professional solutions.

Artesian Tan is all about supplying the spas and salons with only the best sunless tanning retail and wholesale tanning supplies. Mine Tan professional is just one of them. Call our sunless experts at 888-698-0792 to figure out which airbrush tanning products, sunless anti aging lotion and sprays are best for you! We also invite you to check out our brand. A wide range of Kahuna Bay Tan products can give you an amazing sunless tan.