Norvell® Sunless Colosseum™ Package Norvell® Sunless Colosseum™ Package On Sale
Norvell® Sunless Colosseum™ Package Norvell® Sunless Colosseum™ Package
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Norvell® Sunless Colosseum™ Package


The Norvell Sunless Colosseum not only sprays like a dream as you would expect from any piece of Norvell equipment (our Mobile Z3000 HVLP turbine system is inside!), but will instantly transform the look of your spray room into a modern, professional environment.

Warm air is circulated through the sleek interior cabin, while overspray is filtered out. Strategically placed lighting minimizes shadowing while the roomy interior provides the perfect spray tanning environment. Clean-up is a breeze with easy wipe-down panels and washable, reusable filters. Caster styled wheels allow mobile ease when cleaning and moving equipment. Quick access to the Mobile Z3000 turbine system, allows for easy removal for mobile tanning providers.


•Heated, Comfortable Spray Environment

• Cross Draft Technology™ Maximizes Overspray Reduction

• Spacious Footprint for Easy Client Spraying

• LED Lighting Minimizes Shadowing and Boosts Visibility

• Removable HVLP Spray Unit for Mobile Option

• Lighted, Sleek & Professional Modern Design


Package Includes:

1 - Norvell Colosseum™  Overspray Booth 

1 - Removable Norvell Mobile Z3000™ HVLP Handheld System

1 - Norvell Z-Gun HVLP Spray Gun

1 - BONUS M Series HVLP Spray Gun (MGUN)

1 - HVLP Gun Lubricant (0.5 oz)

1 - 10' Quick Disconnect Hose

1 - Slip Resistant Floor Mat

2 - Solution Storage Cup with Cap

1 - Professional Product Kit (23 pcs)

1 - Sunless Retail Kit (51 pcs)

1 - Norvell Sunless Promo Pack (13 pcs)

1 - Norvell Sunless Indoor/Outdoor Banner

1 - Complimentary Norvell University™ Fundamentals of Sunless Bundle


Dimensions: 89” high x 52” deep x 63” wide (height includes wheels)

Weight 305 lbs uncrated

Sound Output 81 dB

Warranty: 1-Year Manufacturer Warranty


Works With Z-Gun, T-Gun and M-Gun

Unit is palletized and shipped to your salon

Allow 10 - 14 business days for shipping