Skinny Tan - Tan & Glow Kit

Skinny Tan - Tan & Glow Kit

SKU: 3322
size: 5.00 W × 6.00 H × 3.00 L
  1. 7-Day Tanner: Using the instant bronzer as a guide colour massage the tanner into any part of your body that you wish to tan and help visibly contour, paying specific attention to cellulite.
  2. Leave the guide colour for 5 hours before washing. Please note the guide colour is guide only, the real colour will develop in 5 hours to a deep natural brown.
  3. Re-apply after 4 hours for a deeper tan. Apply weekly to maintain results.
  4. After Glow instructions: Apply After Glow only after your tanner has developed and your guide tan has been washed off.
  5. Apply the gloss to anywhere you would like to add that model sheen.
  6. Apply gloss daily to help keep skin hydrated and extend the length of your tan