Spray Tan Machines

Spray Tan Machines

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Artesian Tan carries the best spray tan machines and top of  the line airbrush tanning machines by the leading brands. These spray tan machines utilize the latest technology to deliver a fast spray tan and you can now achieve that golden bronze glow in less than six minutes! This is almost a quarter of the time that it takes to achieve the same streak free glow with normal airbrush tanning systems. You can shop our extensive line of airbrush tanning equipment to find the best spray tanning machines or salon airbrush tanning machine to meet your budget and needs. Technicians love using spray tan machines because of its ease of use, limited overspray, portability and affordable cost. Shop our different spray tanning equipment below and enjoy the effortless power of spray tan system

HVLP Machines and Airbrush Tanning Equipment

The HVLP turbines are pre adjusted so there is no hassle in setting it up and the airbrush gun is very easy to operate. An HVLP tanning machine also has limited overspray, which keeps solution from being wasted. These advanced HVLP spray tan machines are also lightweight, which makes them portable. Technicians love being able to easily move the airbrush tanning equipment from their salon to their home! Another reason to purchase our HVLP machines and airbrush tanning machine is the affordable cost. There are many affordable HVLP machine spray tan options, so browse the full selection below and find the right HVLP spray tanning equipment or best spray tan machine for your needs. We carry Norvell airbrush tanning equipment, Fuji Spray, Maxi Mist, Apollo Sprayers and more. Get all your spray tanning equipment needs from the sunlees tanning leader, Artesian Tan!

See all of our Spray Tan Kits and or check out our automatic spray tan booth!

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