Spray Tan Tents

A high quality spray tan tent is essential for any mobile tanning business. At Artesian Tan, you can trust that you are getting the best spray tan tent in the industry. Our spray tan tents are made from the finest materials and they are affordable. We only offer the highest quality tents from the best brands, including California Tan and Kahuna Bay Tan.

Pop Up Spray Tan Tent

Our pop up spray tan tents are incredibly flexible and convenient. They immediately pop up into shape when you need to use them and can be easily folded up and stored when you travel. The spray tents also eliminate the issue of overspray, and any excess spray will remain inside of the tent for a clean spray tanning experience. You won't have to worry about residue getting on the floor, walls, furniture or client's belongings because the tents are fully enclose. This simplifies the clean-up process so you can spend more time with your clients.


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